1. 1) The administrator of personal data is SCORPIO POLAND KRZYSZTOF SINKIEWICZ (SCORPIO POLAND) with its registered office in RZGOWIE 95-030, UL. PABIANICKA 71/77. NIP: PL 727-163-99-30 REGON: 4716166680.
  2. 2) SCORPIO POLAND realizing your orders (realizes a purchase and sale contract) makes your personal data provided in the order form available to companies cooperating with SCORPIO POLAND. The full list is available on the website
    • Your data will not be transferred to third countries (outside the EU)
  3. 3) The goals of processing:
    • implementation of the purchase - sale agreement - the implementation is performed based on data provided to you voluntarily and on the basis of the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 827)
    • Marketing goal - if you agree to receive the newsletter. You may agree to receive marketing information by sending an email with the permission given to us at the address: If you want to receive an advertising catalog, request for permission to send it and indicate the address for the effort. You can also express marketing consent in paper form and provide it to the Trade Handler with whom you cooperate or send to SCORPIO POLAND KRZYSZTOF SINKIEWICZ, 95-030 RZGÓW, UL. PABIANICKA 71/77. The consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending an email with information about the withdrawal of marketing consent to the following address: or send in paper form to the following address: SCORPIO POLAND KRZYSZTOF SINKIEWICZ, 95-030 RZGÓW, UL. PABIANICKA 71/77.
    • profiling
    • purpose in accordance with the income tax law PIT link (Dz.U. 1991 Nr 80 poz. 350 - tekst jednolity) i VAT link (Dz. U. z 2017 r. poz. 1221 – tekst jednolity)
  4. 4) During the whole period of data processing, you have access to your personal data, which you can change and modify.
  5. 5) You have the right to "be forgotten" but in connection with the provisions given above - personal data placed on personal receipts or bill of lading, orders, invoices, etc. are kept for the periods provided for by law.
  6. What does it mean to "be forgotten"? The data subject has the right to demand that his data be removed immediately, including when they are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were processed. This also applies to the situation of withdrawal of consent, eg in order to receive offers of a marketing nature, and also when the data is processed without a legal basis, e.g. in the event of resignation from the use of the service, which so-far regulations constituted.
  7. We will also inform cooperating companies about your request.
  8. 6) In order to remove cookies, read the instructions on deleting cookies in your browser.
  9. 7) You also have the right to transfer your personal data to another business entity. In such a case, the request to send the application to the security of the or written.


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